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Hotels and Resorts

Panama City

Excellent business hotels in a variety of price ranges.

Panama City, as a major business center, boasts magnificent luxury hotels designed with businessmen and upscale tourists in mind and attractive middle-range and budget hotels. The major provincial cities also have excellent business hotels in various price ranges.

You will find a fetching variety of beach hotels

Places to Stay Outside Panama City

Outside Panama City, you will find various beach hotels, from all-inclusive to exclusive island retreats. Resorts, and eco-lodges in pristine rainforest, small hotels in spectacular mountain settings, bed, and breakfast inns tucked in valleys and by the sea, and budget-minded comfy inexpensive hostels.

Beach Vacation Home Rentals
Bed & Breakfast Inn
Boutique Hotels
City Hotels in the Provinces
Hotels and Resorts Outside Panama City, All Inclusive
Mountain and Highland Hotels and Resorts
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Places to Stay by Destination

Panama Info has identified 16 places as Panama’s top destinations—from Panama City’s Historic Sector to Bocas del Toro to the San Blas Islands. Search below for hotels in each Destination.

Bocas del Toro
Bocas del Toro Hotels
Boquete Hotels and Resorts
Boquete Hotels and Resorts
Casco Viejo Panama
El Valle de Anton
Panama City
Panama’s Riviera
Pedasi and the Azuero Peninsula – Hotels and Resorts
Portobelo & Isla Grande – Hotels and Resorts
Panama City
Santa Catalina & Coiba Island