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Panama Airlines: Domestic and International

Panama Airlines: Domestic and International

Arriving in Panama’s City International Airport/ List of Direct International Flights of Airlines to Panama/Info about Domestic Flights.

Upon arriving in Panama City at the International airport, you can hire a taxi at the airport taxi booth for $20 to anywhere in downtown Panama City. The ride on a modern new belt way takes 15-20 minutes. Getting off the beltway, traffic may be slow to your hotel- so time to and from your hotel to the airport varies from 25 minutes to an hour.

Non-stop flights to and from Panama from the United States, Canada and Europe

Los Angeles: Copa
Houston: Continental
Miami: Copa, American
Newark: Copa)
Atlanta :Delta
New York:Delta, Copa
Washington D.C. :Copa
Chicago: Copa

Toronto: Copa

Amsterdam: KLM
Madrid: Iberia
Frankfurt: Condor

Fares are generally in the $600- $1100.00 range. They’re lower if you don’t travel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “High season” tickets run higher- that’s between Dec. 15 and February

You can book a flight on Copa and transfer from Tocumen International Airportransfer to a flight to Bocas del Toro the same day you arrive. (Previously it was necessary to stay overnight in Panama City and take a flight to Bocas the following day/) Copa will soon offer the same service to David.

Get a Free Stop-Over with Copa Arilines
This applies for those flying on Copa Airlines to a Latin America or Caribbean destination. If your flight has a stopover in Panama, you can extend that stop over in Panama for a day or two and then continue to your final destination without any extra fees from Copa. Ask Copa or your travel agent for more details.

Panama Domestic Flights
Panama had two domestic airlines, Air Panama and Aeroperlas, but Aeroperlas recently shut down leaving only Air Panama for the moment. Round trip tickets to Bocas del Toro and David from Panama City with Air Panama is around S200,00. Flights to the San Blas Islands around $120.00.

Panama Destinations with Flights from Panama City
David ( near Boquete)
Bocas de Toro
Contadora Island (Pearl Islands)
Corazon de Jesus ( San Blas Islands)
Playon Chico; (San Blas Islands)