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O’Pedros Irish Pub & Restaurant – El Valle

European Cuisine

O'Pedros Irish Pub & Restaurant

This handsome pub at the landmark Los Mandarino’s boutique hotel serves hearty British, American and Panamanian dishes. The most popular dishes are the Pedro Burger with Caramelized Onions, the Fish and Chips and Shepherd’s Pie.

Our favorite is the Fish and Chips: the “fish” is Sea Bass or “corvina” – a gourmet fish with delectable white meat. For your “chips” ask for the fried yucca or plantain chips for a local change from french fries.

For an entrée, the Fresh Mozzarella with Tomatoes and Fresh Basil is excellent. Dessert? Try the Cheese Cake. There’s also a complete buffet breakfast for $15.

Recommended: During the day, dine on the covered deck- you’ll enjoy views of Los Mandarino’s exquisite gardens and landscape.