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Highland Adventures


El Explorador Boquete

With over 500 summits (and counting) between them, Volcán Barú, Panama’s highest point, and Gonzalo Aizpurúa are well-acquainted. For over 30 years, Gonzalo has been guiding trekkers up the mountain’s steep peaks. He is keenly attuned to the mountain’s fluctuating conditions and biological zones. You will want to bring a guide with you on this hike and Gonzalo is among the best you can have.

Gonzalo’s family also helps with treks and other tours. His wife Annette has summited the volcano hundreds of times and his son Charlie is well on his way to do the same. His brother and brother-in-law also are tour guides. They are all trustworthy and knowledgeable guides, but their English is limited so you will need to be patient and over communicate.

Other Highland Adventure offerings include excursions to waterfalls, mountain biking, and birdwatching meccas. His office is roughly 1.5km after the police station if you are driving towards Cerro Punta.