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Casa de Lourdes – El Valle

Hotel en El Valle de Anton

Casa de Lourdes

One of the best restaurants in Panama is in El Valle- enjoy the cooking of famous chef Lourdes Fabrega Ward who specializes in dishes with exotic local ingredients and delicious desserts. Casa de Lourdes is arguably the most beautiful restaurant, with its exquisite Tuscan architecture and spectacular mountain setting.

In our restaurant, you can sample the delights of the cuisine of Lourdes Ward, which is characterized by a wide variety of exotic dishes and delicious desserts. Come and test one of our special dishes.

Suggested Menu:

  • Appetizer: Eggplant, zucchini and tomato tart with Gruyère and Manchego cheeses and basil oil.
  • Main Dish: Sea bass in garlic & lemon sauce with yucca.
  • Dessert: El “Heart Attack” our famous chocolate sundae, chocolate hearts, chocolate sauce.