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Bambuda Castle – Boquete

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Bambuda Castle

Located 5 short minutes outside of Boquete’s main town area, Bambuda Castle cuts an impressive and curious figure. Perched on a hill, it affords a panorama of coffee bushes, pine hedges, an evolving cloudscape with bursts of rainbows, and Volcán Barú, Panama’s highest peak. The castle was formerly owned by a man who had promised his young wife that one day they would live in a castle. He made good on his promise. In 2016, the castle was bought by two Canadian childhood friends who thought it abundantly obvious to turn it into a hostel.

The main landing has a couple of dorms, a large living area with dining tables, a full kitchen for guests to cook in, and a small reception area that doubles as the bar. There is a TV room in one of the towers and the dungeon below includes an indoor pool and a Jacuzzi. For those looking for more private quarters, there are a series of bungalows just beyond the castle’s moat.

Friendly staff members are determined to make your stay comfortable and will help with everything from booking tours to doing your laundry. The reception area has a booklet with activities such as coffee tours, waterfall hikes, sunrise climbs to the top of Volcán Barú, and a visit to a quirky garden just outside Boquete’s main center called El Explorador.

Bambuda Lodge in Bocas del Toro is the owners’ other hostel. It is highly reviewed and was Lonely Planet’s Top Choice in 2016. The Castle is a proud addition to the Bambuda family and will be bringing the Bambuda vibes to the volcanic mountains of Boquete.

The two Bambudas are prime locations to meet and socialize with other travelers while enjoying Panama’s beauty.

If you are feeling like a royal time, be sure to book a stay.