We want offer you the best tourist information about Panama,
Its beautiful destinations, its diversity of races and culture, majestic mountains with its valleys, rivers and beaches, the hotels, the treatment of its people, the best restaurants, shopping centers, apartments, residences, and everything you need to know to make your purchases in Panama.

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All the Best: Panama’s Top Ten Destinations

All the Best: Panama's Top Ten Destinations

1. Panama City

A delightful combination of the historic, modern, international and Latino.

Visitors gazing Panama City’s Manhattan-like skyline often remark that they had no idea there was such a modern city in Central America. There are “three” Panama Cities: the modern skyscraper city, Casco Viejo, the historical Spanish colonial district; and the ruins of the original city, Panama Viejo, burned down by the Pirate Henry Morgan in 1621. Mega attractions include the Panama Canal- one of the eight man-made wonders of the world and he Frank Gehry Biodiversity Museum.

Choose from an impressive array of hotels, both luxury and budget. As a cultural mixing-pot, Panama City has a great variety of good restaurants. Enjoy a lively nightlife in the historic district, Casco Viejo, Read more.

2.Panama Canal Rainforest

Nature was never this close

Panama City is the only capital city in the world with pristine rainforests just half an hour away. They’re part of the Panama Canal watershed—a critical resource for Canal operations.

Stay in a rainforest resort, eco-lodge or visit on a day trip from Panama City. We recommend you experienc these rainforests on a day trip call the Monkey Island Boat Tour. The boat navigates the waters of the Panama Canal where you’ll see monkeys, crocodiles, exotic birds. and a rainforest waterfall. You’ll also get a close up view of the expansion of the Panama Canal currently underway. Read more.

3. Bocas del Toro

Sea, Nature & Fun

Exotic Bocas del Toro on Panama’s Caribbean coast is one of Central America’s top island destinations. Where else can you relax on white sand beaches with aqua blue waters and then hike in rainforests so dense they’re called ” A biologist’s fantasy”? With six major islands, Bocas is ideal for nature experiences, romantic getaways and family adventure.

You can stay in the laid-back historic town or on one of the nearby islands. A wide variety of accommodations include upscale resorts, cabins over the sea, bed & breakfast and hostels. Activities include surfing, boat tours, snorkeling, dolphin observation, rainforest treks and a thrilling canopy zip line. It is also one of the best places to be on New Years Eve. Read more.

4. Boquete

Spectacular Mountain Scenery and Coffee Farms

Panama’s premier mountain destination, Boquete is surrounded by panoramic views of the Baru Volcano, towering 11,400 feet above. Price winning coffee and lush flora fauna grow everywhere in the volcanic soil. Stay in the quaint town of Boquete, on a mountain-side in a luxury resort, charming inn or secluded eco-lodge high up in the cloud-forest.
Activities include coffee farm tours, world class rafting and kayaking, birding, golf and nature hikes. Read more.

5. Guna Yala/San Blas Islands

Fascinating Indigenous Culture in a Tropical Paradise

“Right out of the pages of National Geographic” is the best way to describe a Guna-Yala vacation. The two unbeatable attractions are 365 Caribbean islands of stunning tropical beauty and the opportunity to experience the indigenous Guna, an ancient people largely unspoiled by modern life.

Accommodations are a well appointed thatched huts, set small islands with white sand beach, beautiful aqua waters and pristine sunsets. You’ll get no WIFI here—this is the place if you truly want to get away from it all and be surrounded by peace and nature. Read more.

6. Panama’s Riviera

Beaches So Very Near By

Just an hour from Panama City along the Pacific Coast lays a string of ivory sand beaches with azure warm waters. The area is perfect for day trips from Panama City and beach vacations. Lodging ranges from bed and breakfast inns to all-inclusives and luxury resorts.

Popular activities include year round surfing and golf. Read more.

7. El Valle de Anton

Stay in an ancient volcano crater

A picturesque mountain town nestled in the second largest volcano crater in the world, El Valle is a one-of-a-kind destination. A volcano blew its top off five million years ago creating this enormous crater.
With a near perfect year round spring climate, activities include a canopy zip line, ecotourism, hikes, biking and a small zoo. It is also the only home of Panama’s unique and endangered “Golden Frog” species. Read more.

9. Pearl Islands

Exotic Tropical Islands a short trip from Panama City

Just a 2.5 hour boat ride or 20 minute flight from Panama City lie the exotic Pearl Islands. Enjoy turquoise waters, stunning white sand beaches and rainforests. Its name pays homage to the thousands of pearls found here by 16th century Spaniards, including the legendary Peregrina pearl owned by Elizabeth Taylor. More recently, CBS ‘s Survivor filmed three series here.

Activities include whale and dolphin watching, snorkeling and diving and sport fishing.
It also hosts several outstanding beachside hotels. Read more.

10. Pedasí and the Azuero Peninsula

A charming small town and world class surfing

A former fishing hamlet, this picturesque seaside town has a countryside feel, with Spanish influences and friendly folk.
Activities include a boat trip to Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge for fantastic snorkeling, sunbathing on white sand beaches, world-class sports fishing and whale watching in season. Nearby Playa Venao is also one of the best surfing beaches. Read more.