We want offer you the best tourist information about Panama,
Its beautiful destinations, its diversity of races and culture, majestic mountains with its valleys, rivers and beaches, the hotels, the treatment of its people, the best restaurants, shopping centers, apartments, residences, and everything you need to know to make your purchases in Panama.

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Airbox Express

Relocation Services

Airbox Express

Founded 20 years ago, AIRBOX EXPRESS has become the industry leader in the Internet shopping and Panamanian air and maritime cargo industry.

With superior service at affordable prices, we receive and send both mail and packages from the United States safely and surely. Once they arrive in Panama, AIRBOX EXPRESS will handle all customs and delivery documentation and processing. Once the customs process has completed, packages will be delivered straight to your office or home.

Services include your own P.O.Box address in Miami, mail delivery to your home in Panama City, Internet and catalog purchasing, magazine subscriptions, and international courier services, including a twice-weekly special low rate and air and sea cargo shipments.

If you are relocating to Panama, you can set up your Miami P.O. Box before moving. Just email us to begin. If you are a tourist and want to send things to the States while you’re here, we can do that for you. Offices in Panama City, Boquete and David.