Where is Panama?

Panama is an "S" shaped country located at the end of Central America, in between Costa Rica and Colombia. It is a tiny isthmus connecting the two great continents of North America and South America.

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Panama is about the size of the state of South Carolina—only 772 miles long and 37miles wide at its narrowest point. This means you can visit both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in the same day, and if you hike up Volcán Baru, Panama's highest point, you can view both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans at the same time (one of only 3 places in the world where this is possible).

Panama has many non-stop Flights from the USA , Canada and Europe:

  • Los Angeles (7 hours)
  • Houston (4 hours)
  • Miami (3 hours)
  • Newark (5 hours)
  • Orlando (3 hours)
  • Atlanta (4 hours)
  • New York (5.5 hours)
  • Washington D.C. (5 hours)
  • Chicago (5 hours)
  • Toronto, Canada (5 hours)
  • Amsterdam (11 hours)
  • Madrid (10 hours)

Latin America:
Panama is the most connected country in Latin America with flights to almost every major city in Latin American and the Caribbean.

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