Visitor & Country Info

Visitor and Country Info

Visiting Panama

Panama is one of the world's most visitor-friendly countries. It received the highest ratings for tourist safety. Its people are warm, friendly and unspoiled. Panama has always been an international crossroads; Panamanians are accustomed to meeting people from other lands and English is a second language. Another great visitor convenience is that the US dollar is the Panamanian currency.

About Panama

Panama has warm, friendly people, a stable democracy, a dynamic business sector and an unusual variety of terrains. John Le Carré, writing in The Tailor of Panama summed it up well: "We have everything God needed to make paradise. Great farming, beaches, mountains, wildlife you wouldn't believe, people so beautiful you could cry."

Modern Maturity, the American Association for Retired Persons magazine, rated one region as one of the top four places in the world for Americans to live abroad. International Living rates Panama as the number one country outside the United States for a second home, based on its outstanding safety, infrastructure, climate and beauty. Panama is even blessed by nature: it has none of the disastrous hurricanes and earthquakes that plague its Central American neighbors.