Vacation Packages


This package includes all the most popular locations in Panama City, El Valle and the beach resorts with all the "HOT" tours to experience this country at its best. Read More »

Two Oceans, Two World Heritage Sites

Discover secret gardens, haunted fortresses, hidden beaches from Panama's two most charming hotels. Read More »

Panama Canal Eco Monkey Island Tour

Encounter rainforest animals like monkeys, sloths, toucans, crocodiles and many other species. Discover the exotic flora available in the area while getting a close look of the work being done to expand the Panama Canal: history in the making. It includes a canoe excursion through the jungle ending at a pristine water hole & cascade where you can bathe, fishing, swimming and kayaking. Read More »

Panama Family Adventure

Experience with your family the best places in Panama from the Pacific coast and the Panama Canal to the western highlands to the Caribbean coast. Explore the Panama Canal and the Chagres River, go on an adventurous white river rafting or canopy ziplining trip in the Chiriqui highlands, snorkel in the Caribbean waters of Bocas del Toro and end your trip with a historical journey through the old parts of Panama City with the chance to obtain traditional handcrafts and souvenirs at the arts and crafts market. Read More »

Panama Discovery Tour

A country so small yet filled with exuberant rainforests, wildlife and a rich cultural heritage: Discovering Panama includes (1) meeting indigenous cultures along the Chagres River, (2) exploring the Panama Canal waters and observing wildlife and afterwards enjoy the Miraflores Locks from the top, (3+4) flying through the highlands on a zipline and enjoy an interactive coffee experience, hiking in cloud forests of the Chiriqui highlands searching for the elusive Resplendent Quetzal, (5) exploring more over- and underwater world of the Caribbean Sea in Bocas del Toro. Read More »