Shopping: Furniture, Household Items, Appliances and Clothes Shopping

You can find just about anything you need in Panama- more than any other country in Latin America.. Not only that, the stores are well organized and many seem copy cats of some American stores. You'll find stores for every need from furniture to electronics to clothes to health food. And the prices are right- the same or less than the United States and Europe.

Household Items

For medium range prices we love the big Arrocha and Collins at the Albrook Mall. Arrocha started out as a pharmacy but is now a variety store with a great selection of household items including vases, photo frames,ceramic pots for plants etc.
Collins has a good home department with an attractive selection and medium range prices.


If you can bring your furniture with you that may be best. There is nowhere near the selection of furniture here nor the great sale prices you can get in the States.
Tip: However upholsterers are inexpensive- instead of buying new sofas and chairs, just have them re-upholstered.

Mid-range prices: Furniture City on Via Espana is a good place to start-it has American style furniture and you can order furniture from the US using their catalogs. There stores are in both Panama City and David.
We really like Collin's department store for household items. It has a very good if small furniture selection. The selection of accessories dishware and home products is excellent.
Conway in Albrook Mall is a budget variety store with some modern furniture and lamps etc.
Home Center on Via Espana has mid-range prices, attractive pieces, but not a much selection.
And the "pharmacy" Farmacia Arrocha is really a variety store- their home goods section is excellent for everything from picture frames to ceramic pots for plants.

Upscale Furniture

BBK and Addison House in the business district have upscale brands like Thomasville.

Inexpensive Furniture/Best Prices

Price Smart is the Panamanian equivalent of Price Costco. It has a good selection of appliances and limited but well priced selection of furniture. Costco has 4 locations in Panama City and one in David.

The Panamanian Equivalent of Home Depot

These are Novey stores and Do It Centers with locations throughout the city including Multiplaza and Albrook Malls. At Albrook Mall the Do-It Center is large and has the best selection. Novey is convenient since it stands alone and you can park in front of it.


Do It Center They have the best selection of appliances and the lowest prices. This is the best store for household items and hardware.
Price Costco( ( called Price Smart here) : Like Price Costco in the USA, they have a limited selection of popular appliances, electronics and furniture at good prices. There are has 3 branches in Panama City: One just off Via Espana, one in Dorado and one in Los Pueblos shopping center. In Chiriqui province, there's a branch in David, a city near Boquete.

Panafoto This store has the best selection of small appliances including lots of Cuisinart items. Find Panafoto in Albrook and on Calle 50 with the biggist selection.

Patio Furniture

Go to Costco, Do-it Center and Novey hardware stores. Albrook Mall has both Do-it Center and Novey.


The two biggest stores are Panafoto and Multimax,. Costco has less selection but lower prices.

Panafoto: On Calle 50 and also outside Albrook Mall.
Multimax: On Tumba Muerto and in Albrook Mall.
Price Costco: 4 locations in Panama City and David.

Shopping Malls

Multiplaza Mall: An upscale mall featuring 30 restaurants and cafes, 155 stores, 50 brand-name stores, department stores as well as Courtyard by Marriott hotel. Multiplaza is filled with well-heeled Latins- they come from all over Latin America to shop here instead of Miami. Feliz Maduro is Panama's only large department store- it has many American brands and a Liz Claiborn store- but everything is expensive.
Families fill the mall on weekends and holidays to go the movie's and eat out.
Open from 10:00am to 8:00pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00am to 7:00pm on Sundays.

Albrook Mall:Our favorite mall with stores from cheap to upscale. There;s a large food court with a kid's carousel and cinemas. You don't have to worry about getting lost as each section is marked by a huge charming animal statue. Our favorite department store Clllins is here, as well as a huge Arrocha varieiy store. There's also an upscale section with a Felix Maduro department store and the many stores the likes of Banana Republic etc.
Shopping tip: This place is crowded on weekends and the holidays. During those times it's best to go in the morning.when they open.
Open from 10:00am to 9:00pm from Monday to Saturday, from 11:00am to 8:00pm on Sundays and 11:00am to 7:00pm on Holidays

Multicentro Mall: Some brand-name stores, a food court. outdoor restaurants overlooking the Pacific Bay, game rooms, movie theaters, a night club, the first Hard Rock Cafe in Central America and a Majestic Casino . There's covered ample indoor parking as well as wheelchairs and baby carriages available;
Open 10:00am to 8:00pm from Monday to Thursday and 10:00am to 9:00pm from Friday to Sunday.

Metromall: Just 10 minutes from the airport. it was built for Latinswho want to shop for a day or two in Panama. It's got more than 260 stores, many restaurants, banks, a movie theatre and Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

Clothes Shopping

In general it's best to buy your clothes in the States. Clothes, especially for women are hard to find because clothes sizes in Panama seem to be more petite woman and just don't fit most Americans.

You can find upscale American brands like Liz Claiborne at department store Felix B Maduro in Multicentro Mall and Albrook Mall.

Where to get Discount Clothes and Shoes

Dorians department store in Albrook Mall is the best place to find American brands at discount prices. You have to pick through the racks but you will probably find something. It is a a huge discount store, with lots of cheap stuff.

For clothes teenagers and young professionals love Zara in both Multicentro and Albrook Mall. Prices are moderate and the styles very cool. Our teenage and adult kids won't shop anywhere else.

Sports Equipment & Clothes

The only place is a store called Flow in both Albrook and Mutiplaza Mall.

Internet Shopping

If you can't find what you want, you can always order it from the States, Canada or Europe and have it sent to Panama. Airbox Express and Mailboxes with their English speaking staff and branches in different parts of the city and country are good places to receive internet goods from. Factor in expensive air shipping . If your item is less that $100 there's no import tax.

Warning- Don't send or receive anything except a letter or a book via the Panamanian Post Office

Sorry to say, many items just "disappear" ie are stolen in the Panamanian mails.