Panama's Newspapers and Online Publications in English

Panama has many good publications and newspapers to help you to get to know the country well and understand what is going on, whether you speak spanish or english. Like any source of news make sure to check it for bias and see whose viewpoint it is trying to get across. To get you started, here you will find a list of newspapers and websites that we recommend.


    La Prensa Newspaper
  • La Prensa: Panama's largest circulation Spanish language newspaper. It has an online version in English.

  • Panama America Newspaper
  • El Panamá América:Another Spanish language newspaper with significant distribution in Panama.

  • The Visitor
  • The Visitor/El Visitante: A great bi-lingual weekly publication that caters to expats with their articles and also features a great list of events going on, as well as as section for classifieds. You can find it in many supermarkets and shops frequented by the expat community.

  • Online Publications

    Bocas Breeze
  • The Panama News: An outstanding bi-weekly on-line publication in English. The best place to find the latest news about business, tourism and what's happening in Panama in English.

  • Newsroom Panama
  • Newsroom Panama: Another great source of news about Panama in english.

    The Bocas Breeze
  • The Bocas Breeze: An online paper in English for Bocas del Toro Visitors and Residents.

  • The Panama Report
  • The Panama Report: A savvy publication, authored by Matt Landau, about real estate and investment in Panama. The

  • Bagus Life
  • Bagus Life Panama Blog An interesting Swiss Blog about their adventures in Panama.