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High Quality Medical Care

One of the great advantages for foreigners living in Panama is the high quality of medical care including a large number of US-trained physicians and specialists. Panama offers first-class medical treatments following American protocols by American-trained doctors in hospitals that are on a par with the USA at 50% less cost.
Foreigners living in Panama will tell you what a pleasure it is to be treated by one of Panama's numerous American-trained, English speaking doctors. They are warm, knowledgeable and unhurried.


You can get pretty much any medication here. One convenience is that many medications you would need a doctors prescription in the States, can be bought over-the-counter at Panama's drug stores. Just ask for the medicine and in most cases you can buy without it showing a prescription.

Health Insurance:

Health insurance is inexpensive compared to the states. Regular health insurance is available for those who sign up under 60. Our family of four pays $400 a month for an excellent plan. If you are over 60, plans are also available with a higher premium.
We get all our insurance- car, home, and health with broker Kevin Bradley- we highly recommend him: Cell 6674-1063.


The major hospitals are all excellent and most doctors have American training. The private hospitals favored by foreigners in Panama City are Hospital Nacional, Hospital San Fernando ,Hospital Paitilla and Hospital Punta Pacifica, affiliated with John Hopkins.
In Chiriqui province, the Chiriqui Hospital in David is the best.
For the beach areas near Panama City, San Fernando Hospital has a satellite clinic in Coronado.

Hospital Nacional: Hospital National is the best in terms of high quality of care and reasonable prices. It has some of the most advanced medical technology in the region and a special office for international clients. The Hosptial has specialists in virtually every field of medicine. Many are US Board Certified and most received training in the United States.

A US-based hospital management firm leads the administration of Hospital Nacional and it has a strategic alliance with Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Dental Care

Many Panamanian dentists are American trained and stay up-to date with the latest practices and technology. Even the best dentists in Panama charge about half the price of an American dentist. Many people combine a trip to get a dental procedures done trip with a Panama vacation and save a bundle. For the best experience. we recommend you visit the dentists on Panamainfo or a dentist recommended by someone you know.
For clinics see our Dental Servicespage.