Zapatillas' Dive Club at the Al Natural Resort

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Address: Bastimientos Island , Bocas del Toro.
Phone: (507) 757-9004 (507) 6640-6935 (507) 6575-6103

Located on the beach of Punta Vieja in the island of Bastimentos. They offer scuba diving and PADI courses and some of the most exclusive dives in the whole archipelago; indeed, they are the only dive operator in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro who regularly offers dives to the protected waters and reefs around the Zapatillas Cays in the National Marine Park where many impressive wall dives and caves can be explored, and who offers them at a competitive price due to their location, as they are far away from Bocas, but closest to the best dive sites and the Bastimentos National Marine Park.

Al Natural and its lagoon is also a great and safe place to do a Discovery Dive and experience for the first time the magic of the underwater world. For all the info and complete pricing please go to Al Natural Tours. They are also offering new Multi Dive Packages & PADI Courses Special at Al Natural Rate Discounts.