Stealth Services Corp

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Address: Panama City, Panama
Phone: +507 397-1936 / 1937

Stealth Services Corp. is an innovative business that offers exclusive and upscale transportation services. They rely on qualified personnel to satisfy even the most demanding needs. Exclusive, quality, professional, reliable and responsible are the standards their services reflect.
Included in their service are:

  • The most recent models of spacious and comfortable vehicles (Ford Explorer XLT 2015).
  • Professional drivers, trained and dressed in formal attire.
  • Each vehicle is equipped with a tablet with internet access.
  • Telephone to make phone calls.
  • For security purposes each vehicle has a GPS locator, guaranteeing control, prevention and surveillance of personnel and vehicles.
  • Mineral water, mints, moist towels.
  • Clients can make special requests (snacks, sodas, liquors, wine, champagne etc. )
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