Spanish Panama

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Address: On the fashionable Via Argentina across from Subway Sandwiches and above Greenhouse Restaurant. In the El Cangrejo section of the business district. 20 international restaurants within 3 blocks.
Phone: (507) 213-3121. (507) 6624-3302.

Canadian-run Spanish Panama language immersion school with professional international Latin American teachers and just about everything you need to have a smooth start in Panama. We offer flexible scheduling, home stays, and airport pickup. Our courses include Spanish "on-site" practice around our neighborhood as well as in class. "Crash" courses are available for short term visitors.

* Your Panama experience will begin with an airport pickup and transfer to your hotel, home stay, the Spanish language center student residence, or one of its efficiency suites.
* You will be taken on a tour of the Panama Canal, Colonial City, the artisan market, and Causeway-Amador for the city view.
* You will meet other Spanish language students and expats like yourself who know the importance of learning the language in order to really understand the local culture.

So that you can learn Spanish as it is spoken in Panama and in Latin America ...
* Spanish Panama will offer you the choice of Panama's most professional, bilingual, and friendly Spanish teachers in their new modern facilities.
* There is a social area "city-view" terrace.
* We consider our neighborhood just another one of our "language labs". So sometimes the Spanish classes feature practice in real life situations with the local people at the coffee shops, bakeries, pharmacies, shops, parks, and travel agencies.

Note : Spanish Panama also provides Spanish courses in your business office or residence in Panama City.

Superior Spanish instruction includes extras like our Spanish computer lab, free salsa dance classes and Panamanian cultural activities. All this makes Spanish Panama your best choice for learning Spanish the fun way in Central America.