Panama City Nightlife

Panama City is known for its lively nightlife. It all takes place in three sectors of the city: the business district, Casco Viejo—the historic Spanish Colonial sector of the city, and the spectacular Amador Causeway connecting a string of Panama Bay islands with ocean and city views both day and night.

The Panamanian people love a party - a fact reflected in a wide variety of nightlife spots-bars, discos, pubs and casinos. As in any big city, keep to the lighted main streets and have a great time. Taking a taxi from your hotel is a safe way to get to any of these places.

Business District

The Wine Bar: A place for wine lovers, the Wine Bar has more than 300 wine selections as well as cheese, pizza, and an in house live music trio. Calle Eusebio A. Morales, Ground floor of the Hotel Suites Las Vegas besides the Restaurant Cafè Pomodoro and close to the El Panama Hotel. Also on Flamingo Island Amador Cawseway, Panama City, Panama. Tel: 265 4701

El Pavo Real: This is a favorite—British style pub with good food (great fish and chips), two pool tables, darts and TVs for sports fans. It features a mixed crowd of natives and foreigners, but you’ll hear a lot of English speakers. Located on Via Argentina and Calle Jose Marti. Tel: 394-6853

La Rana Dorada: A stylish Irish Pub named after the endangered Golden Frog species native to Panama. It offers a wide variety of beers, a terrace and tasty food. Located on Via Argentina and Calle Arturo Motta in El Cangrejo. Tel: 269-2989

Steinbock: A German pub with the best selection of German and European beer in town—as well as a variety of German culinary delights. Located on Via Cincuentenario, House #50, Coco del Mar. Tel: 270 2784.

Istmo Brewpub: This is a relaxed English-style pub with a pool table and outdoor seating that caters to both natives and foreigners who crave a good craft brew. on Avenida Eusebio A. Morales and Via Veneto, in El Cangrejo. Tel: 265 5077

Koppas: A relatively new nightclub in the business district. Located in the banking area, Calle 52 Bella Vista, diagonal from the Marriott casino. Tel: 264-0859

Next: This is a large club with a big dance floor for mostly electronic and house music lovers, but also a lounge and VIP section if you need a break from the dance floor. Located on Ave Balboa in Marbella. Tel: 265 8746.

The Gallery: This is a alternative style club that caters with electronic or indie rock music, popular with a younger crowd and recently renovated for great for new look. Plaza New York, Marbella, Panama City. Tel: 6613-4345

Guru Clubbing Cult: This is a high end, exclusive nightclub with a great set up—lights, fog machines and great DJ’s. Calle 47, Marbella/Bella Vista in front of Crepes and Waffles. Tel: 269-6130

Velvet: A hot new spot of the nightlife in Panama. It’s spacious and hosts a variety of musical tastes, with sofas to relax on. Located at the Plaza New York in Marbella.

Sparkles Bar: Don't be fooled by the sappy name, Sparkles is an elegant bar with sweeping views of the city and bay skyline. Monday to Friday, happy hour with half price drinks from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Also, check out the Las Olas poolside bar at the same location for a cooler venue. Miramar Intercontinental, Miramar Plaza, on Balboa Avenue.

Decapolis Sushi Bar and Martini Lounge: Located at the hip Radisson, this chic lounge and bar has great city and bay views and a poolside bar that are considered the” centerpiece of the hotel.” Frequented by a sophisticated crowd this is a great place to start or end an evening. Located on the Lobby level of the Decapolis Radisson Hotel on Ave. Balboa.

Unplugged Bar & Restaurant: This is a popular yet simple bar with one pool table. Its better known for its affinity for classic rock and absence of the “tipico” and “reggeaton” that plays in most venues in Panama. Located on Via Veneto, near Don Lee.

Calle Uruguay

The Londoner: Low key, a place to drink your Chivas or hops in an atmosphere of an Englishman's den. In addition it offers deep fried foods and a pool table. One of the only places you’ll find happening on a Monday or Tuesday. Located in the middle of Calle Uruguay. Tel: 214-4883.

Manrey Rooftop Pool Bar and Lounge: New, upscale and unique—check it out for yourself. Calle 48 Este. Tel: 203-0000

Urbano Bar: This is stylish retro themed bar with mostly chilled out electronic and ambient music. Calle 48, above the Palms restaurant. Tel: 265-7256

Sahara: The full package—a nightclub, disco, pool hall, outdoor patio and restaurant. Located on Calle 48, across from Gauchos Steakhouse. Tel: 214-8284

Mystik: A pretty popular club with a dark setting, small dance floor and couches to lounge on. Located on Calle 47 east of Calle Uruguay, Bella Vista. Tel: 380-0550

Moods: Popular nightclub recently renovated. Mostly reggae and Latin music with the occasional cover band. Located on Calle 48, Bella Vista. Tel: 2634923

S6IS: Pronounced "seis." Upstairs from Prive, this local plays mostly electronic music. Mostly standing room making it intimate and easy to meet people. Tel:264-5237

Prive: Chic, classy and quiet place for a more select 25-35 crowd. Tel: 264-7711

Pure: Some of the best events in town. Minimalist decor and a DJ that always pleases with the latest beats. Located on calle 48 in Bella Vista. Tel: 269-3454

Casco Viejo

Scena Platea: Take a trip back in time at this cozy, 1920’s decorated, charming entertainment joint. Live jazz shows Thursdays and a very popular salsa night with a live salsa band on Fridays. Tel: 228-4011

Relic: One of the most interesting bars in Panama City because of it's location- inside a stone cellar attached with historic city walls that date back hundreds of years. They have indoor and outdoor seating and cater to a wide variety of musical tastes. 262-1540, Located on 9th st.

Indigo: Indigo has a chic nightlife scene and hosts themed electronic/house music nights most Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in a bohemian-Moroccan atmosphere. Located on Avenida Central, Tel: 228-1822.

Habana Panama: A large dance club with live music that brings Cuba from the 1950’s to Panama. Located on Calle Eloy Alfaro and Calle 12 Este. Tel: 212-0152

Casablanca: An urban restaurant and bar with international cuisine, a good wine selection, outdoor seating and occasional live music. Located on Plaza Bolivar. Tel: 212-0040

Vieja Havana: Authentic Cuban Bar with Cuban food and drinks, including the largest selection of rums in Panama. Located on Ave. B and 5th St. Tel 212-3873

Ego: A cosmopolitan tapas restaurant and bar on the corner of Plaza Bolivar that overlooks the beautiful San Francisco Church—a romantic venue. Tel: 262-2045

Mojitos Sin Mojitos: This restaurant-bar specializes in the three B’s—Beer, BBQ and Burgers. Eat on the patio surrounded by stone walls hundreds of years old. On the Corner of Plaza Herrera (9th St. and Ave. A).

La Casona de las Brujas: Live music on the weekends, fin art exhibitions and a patio—this is one of the more unique locations in the city.
Located in Plaza Herrera. Tel: 211-0740 ‎

Amador Causeway

Zona Viva: This refers to an area on Amador with a long strip of clubs and bars where there's a place for everyone to enjoy from karaoke to clubs and outdoor lounges.

Bamboo: A popular bar with an open-air area and indoor lounge. Near the Brisas del Amador shopping center. Tel: 314-3337

Pahya: A fairly new and popular dance club that plays a little of everything, reggaeton, latin, pop, rock and electronic music. Brisas del Amador shopping center. Tel: 314-3366.

Traffic island: An open-air venue with amazing views, good cocktails and salsa and meringue music. Isla Flamenco Shopping Plaza.

The Wine Bar: The place for wine lovers- sea breezes, and an in house music trio.

La Marina: Pool table, live music, food, dancing, and patio area. Tel: 314-3360.

Kayuko: A relaxed open-air bar/restaurant on the water, a great place to have a few drinks with a great view. Isla Flamenco. Tel: 314-1998

Nightlife in other parts of the city:

Gasthaus Bavaria: Arguably the best German Bar- Restaurant in Panama, with great German food and beers. Bella Vista, 50th Street (507) 265-6772.

Hard Rock Café: All the things that Hard Rock is known for, good food, rock environment and live music on the weekends. Multicentro Mall Tel: 208-2800.

Tapas y Vinos: Wine amateurs and aficionados will not be disappointed with the wide selection at this local favorite. Arguably the best sangria in town. Located on Calle 50 and Calle 71, Edificio Sitio Antiguo, San Francisco. Tel: 270-7402

Riviera: A 19th century house turned into a nightlife venue with live music on the weekend. Adjacent to the Texaco in Bella Vista.

Mangos: Although it’s a little out of the way, Mango’s can get fairly crowded, especially as a venue for live music that varies from electronic, reggaeton or hip hop.
Via Brasil, Los Angeles, Plaza Edison.

Buzz: This is a popular club that whose DJ’s play everything from salsa to pop an reggaeton, it attracts the younger crowd. Located on the second floor of Plaza Pacifica. Tel: 226.0333/ 226.0217

Zoomba: A upscale club in that features a mix of musical tastes for the well-off.
Plaza Pacifica in Punta Pacifica.


Crown Casino: Sheraton Hotel and Conventions Center
Royal Casino: Marriot Hotel
Fiesta Casino: El Panama Hotel
Majestic Casinos: Multicentro
Venetto Wyndham Hotel Casino: State of art casino similar to what you' ll find in Las Vegas.