Onplog—Casco Viejo

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Address: Right across from the Rana Dorada, Calle 11 in Casco Viejo

Onplog is a basement bar in the Old Quarter part of Panama, known as the Casco Antiguo. It's literally an Underground Bar, because it's a Retooled Basement, and you enter through a door lined with Cassette Tapes from the 80s, into a vast Air-Conditioned basement
lined with Melted Vynil Records, Recycled Computer Motherboards, Shipping Pallet furniture and Egg Carton lined soundproofed ceilings. The whole place is Recycled, and that's a big theme here. There's even a giant metal Boombox welded to the wall with recycled speakers and a spinning turntable that works!

Out a semi secret back door you will find the Pool Deck, aptly named because its a deck lined with shipping pallets where you can shoot some pool under Multicolored Umbrellas. The crowd here is all young and hip, a mix between backpacker tourists, local musicians and music fans, and kids out to have a good time. The music varies tremendously between Electro, Indie Rock, Dancehall Reggae, HipHop, Alt Rock from the 90s, and Vintage Dance grooves from the 80s, but feels like it's been carefully curated by discerning ears. The place itself can change a lot from night to night, hosting events as varied as local bands playing live, to special Bring Your Dog Nights (Yes, people bring their dogs to show off, all for a good cause), to Deep House EDM parties.

Depending on the event there might be a small cover charge 5$-10$ and usually they will throw in a free drink with the admission fee. You can smoke hookah's inside the basement, and cigarrettes outside on the Pool Deck, and there's also complimentary Popcorn as well as food from next door pizza joint La Rana Dorada. We recommend trying the local tap beer Casa Bruja, and checking their facebook page for upcoming events!

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