Journey Between the Seas-Panama Exploration Cruise Discovery

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Address: Offices located on Via Porras, Calle Belen
Phone: (507) 226-8917. Toll-free: 1-888-836-0102
Fax: (507) 226-8917.

The Journey Between The Seas is an 7 day/6 night expedition cruise that takes passengers to places of great interest along Panama's inter-oceanic route navigating from one ocean to the other. The exploration takes place on board Panama Marine Adventures' brand new vessel, the M/V Discovery, with elegant accommodations for 24 passengers and 11 crew members.

The atmosphere on board Discovery is personal, intimate, and casual. All 12 cabins are outside with large windows that allow for spectacular views and all have key amenities such as private bathrooms, comfortable beds and individual air conditioning.

The Journey Between the Seas is a beautiful way to experience everything that Panama has to offer: native Indian cultures, pristine white sand beaches, the Panama Canal, its lush abundant rainforests, and history that dates back to the days of Christopher Columbus.

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