BTU Air Conditioning: Installation, Parts & Service

Address: Via Espana y Calle 76, Edificio CLA Local 8, Across the street from Pepsi Cola.
Phone: 399-6152, 399-6153, 391-6153 Contact person for English speakers : Ernesto Chen Tel: 6673-5049

We offer a wide variety of products including latest in design for air conditioning systems for your home, company or corporation. Our wide variety of materials, parts, spares and equipment meet the highest quality standards.

For our English speaking clientele, we have English speaking staff ready to serve you.

Our philosophy is not just selling a product, but offer our customers the peace of mind to take a good price with all the support and security they deserve for their investment and thus, increasingly customers recommend us. That's why we are proud to say that our customers are our # source of referrals

Our company not only offers a wide variety of products and prices, but a careful and personalized service with qualified staff to provide you with a complete service with advice from the best system that suits your needs.

We offer our customers a single solution in terms of air conditioning To achieve our goals we have Frosty Air Conditioner, a company that provides installation, maintenance and repair of all types of air conditioning systems, our group who is part PREASA to support and guarantee all our products and services with highly trained technical staff who frequently attend seminars to keep updated.