Good Reliable Services in Panama City

Scotia Bank

A big frustration for foreigners in Panama is finding a foreigner friendly bank. In our experience only Scotia Bank is foreigner friendly-they're are actually happy to see you and want your account. Love Scotia Bank!
Most of the staff speak English.
For more information visit here.

Rally Laboratories-Medical Testing

This is an excellent laboratory with branches all over the city. The tests are very inexpensive compared to the States. For most tests, you get your results in two days. And in Panama you don't need a doctors order for most tests. Just walk in and request the test. And if you are a resident of retirement age, you get an additional 20% discount.

Tropical Services:Furniture, home and office cleaning, rugs.

Love this company- They're very professional - arriving in spiffy uniforms with both the cleaning staff and a supervisor. They carefully clean anything from just a sofa to your whole home. Offices in Panama City, Coronado & Colon

For more information visit here or call. Panama: 227-0311
Coronado: 6619-7640, 227.0311

BTU Air Conditioning

A professional trustworthy company- they both install and service your air conditioning units. BTW, reduce your electricity bill substantially by changing your air conditioning to Inverter ACs. BTU can do that for you.
For more info visit here.