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Panama's first comprehensive tourism app, the PanamainfoGuide is now available in the Apple and Android App Stores. Business, leisure and budget travelers will find this app indispensable. There's 370 entries on hotels, restaurants, activities, tours and practical get around info, .

Panamainfo App

Panama's top 15 destinations are featured with 100 entries just for Panama City and nearby. The best of the best is chosen for every budget. Enjoy a glitch free wonderful of Panama- just $3.99 in the Apple Store. Apple Store.

By Sutro Media: This app is a product of Sutro Medi known for the best travel app platforms. Author, Nancy Hanna is the President of and The Panama Planner magazine. Mrs. Hanna has lived in Panama for 20 years and is a recognized Panama tourism expert.

Unlike a book travel guide, the PanamainfoGuide app is regularly updated. $3.99 is all you'll ever pay to know the current best of Panama for tourism.