Cocle Province

Beaches and Mountains Plus Proximity to Panama City

Just over an hour from Panama City, Cocle province, smack dab in the middle of the country is an increasingly sought after destination because of its numerous tourist friendly beaches and variety of beautiful mountain venues plus a provincial capital city with modern conveniences.

There are a number of developers working on mountain residential projects since the surroundings compare favorably to Boquete, yet they are still close to the conveniences of Panama City.

How To Get There

You can come by car or public bus- the beaches are 1.5 hours, the mountain destinations like El Valle two hours, Posada Cerro La Vieja is 3 hours and the capital city Penonome is 2 hours. You take a public bus from the Albrook Bus station in Panama City and tickets are less than $5.

Where To Stay

Beach: Las Sirenas at Santa Clara Beach is one of the best places to stay on the Pacific Coast if you are not interested in an all-inclusive. See their info the hotels list on the side bar.

Posada Cerro La Vieja: In the mountains near Penonomé, about 45 minutes from Penonome, it stands out for its stunning views of irregular shaped mountains, a large picturesque waterfall and lush jungle surroundings. The grounds are beautifully landscaped. The restaurant is one of the few in Panama offering organic cuisine. Activities include a swim under the falls, eco-hikes, a reasonably priced spa services and mud baths.

El Valle is the place with the most mountain lodging selections. See our El Valle Destination page .

What To Do

Pacific Coast Cocle Beaches: Info about Cocle beaches can be found on the our Pacific Coast Beaches Near Panama City Destination page. They include Santa Clara, the best beach on the Pacific Coast that is open to the public.

Cocle Mountain Destinations: El Valle is Cocle's most famous and visited mountain destination with its dramatic scenery, year-round springlike weather, delightful artisans market and the lodging choices from upscale to pack backer. Complete info about Cocles the village of El Valle can be found on El Valle Destination page.

La Pintada: A small village twenty minutes from Penonome specializes in making the famous Panama hats hand woven from the fibers of a local plant and also has a cigar factory that exports 300,000 Cuban-style cigars a year where you can buy cigars for wholesale. You can buy Panama hats at the handicrafts market.

Penonome- The Provincial Capital Penonome is also the provincial capital for banks and stores, as well as a museum with pre-Columbian artifacts, colonial religious art and town artifacts from early times.