Adventure Travel and Tours in Panama

Panama white water rafting

Panama's varied terrain makes for a variety of adventure experiences on water, sea and land.

Water Sports & Adventure

For water adventures there's kayaking and whitewate rafting, sea kayaking, sailing, surfing and wind surfing. According to expert John Miller of the USA Nantahala Outdoor Center, the whitewater rafting and kayak river runs in Panama are some of best in Central America.

River Rafting and Kayaking Year Around

Many consider the Chiriqui Viejo River in Chiriqui Province one of the 10 best rafting rivers in the world.
The Mamoni River, Class III-IV and the Pacora River, Class III, are located east of Panama City, in the Province of Panama, and are the closest white water fun from the city.

The Chagres River, Class II-III, located north east of Panama City, within Chagres National Park in the Province of Colon, promises an unmatched full day jungle expedition where 5-6 hours of rafting is an integral part of it.
Boqueron River, Class II, within Chagres National Park in the Province of Colón, is perfect for families with members of all ages.

The Rio Grande, Class II-III+ located at the Province of Cocle, runs though tropical dry forest and breathtaking granite rock canyons.

Chiriqui Viejo River, Class III-V, located by Costa Rica Border in the Province of Chiriqui, it"s the best white water challenge with its uninterrupted rapids.
Higher water level could be expected at October-November and the lower water level could be expected at March-April at the end of the dry season.
River treks and gear are chosen depending on the time of the year and the skill of the paddler. While some rivers are operated year around they could be run in raft during high water and only in kayaks otherwise.

The best company for rafting, kayaking and adventure in Boquete and Chiriqui is Boquete Outdoor Adventures.

Sea & River Kayaking

Paddle in the Kuna Yala San Blas Archipelago with 350 islandscombining the aqua waters of the Caribbean and cultural immersion with the Kuna indigenous people.

Not far from Panama City is the Chagres River flowing from Gatun Dam to the Atlantic Ocean. It' a three hour paddle full of surprises- the Canal, history and jungle.
Gatun and Madden Lakes: These Panama Canal fresh water reservoirs offer opportunities to paddle nearby.
The mountain town of Boquete also has excellent rivers for kayaking. Go with Boquete Outdoor Adventures which offers both day trips and river and ocean expeditions.

Family Fun Rafting

With Boquete Outdoor Adventures eight members of our family made the trip in one raft (steered by an on-board guide) along with two guides providing additional safety support. It was a thrilling day trip as exciting as any ride at Disney World and it lasted a lot longer. . lasted 4 hours of rafting, with a break in the middle for a riverside picnic lunch. We sometimes sped and sometimes drifted down the scenic river.
Boquete Outdoor Adventures has a perfect safety record and its guides make sure you have a fun memorable time.

Challenging Rafting

Boquete Outdoor Adventures offers challenging rafting adventures including "first ascent" adventures for experts.

Whale Watching

The Pearl Islands, a scenic Archipelago close to Panama City offers humpback whale observation day during the months of August-September. Go with Whale Watching Panama.

Panama: A Yachtsman's Paradise

Many a yachtsman discovers Panama on a trip around the world and never wants to leave. They're especially enchanted with the 365 islands of the San Blas Archipelago, which compare in beauty to that other favorite yacht destination, the Fiji Islands.
You can sail the famous San Blas Islands in a yacht with San Blas Sailing

Mountain Adventure

For mountain adventure try mountain biking, rappelling, horseback riding overnight between mountain destinations. The famous mountain town of Boquete offers all these activities plus an amazing rock climbing wall for all levels of skill.

Jungle Adventure and Cross Isthmus Treks

For jungle adventure, Ancon Expeditions is the best. They offer cross isthmus treks through the same jungle the Spanish and Americans crossed when conquered the Isthmus for gold and canal building. You can also take extraordinary treks into the Darien jungle in East Panama, some of the most dense, untouched and nature rich areas in the world.

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